March Birthstones

Aquamarine • Blue Topaz

March Mermaid: your birthstones perfectly reflect the tranquil colour of the ocean!!! Shop a piece made just for you.

March Birthstones

Aquamarine • Blue Topaz

March Mermaid: your birthstones perfectly reflect the tranquil colour of the ocean!!! Shop a piece made just for you.

More Info On March Birthstones

March Mermaid: Congratulations, because YOUR Aquamarine birthstone perfectly reflects the tranquil colour of the big blue and magical sea!!!

Loved and gifted to leaders like Eleanor Roosevelt and Queen Elizabeth ll, this stunning stone derives its name from two Latin words namely ‘aqua’ meaning water and ‘marina’ meaning sea, and these beauties truly are the ocean water turned into stone.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that people think of the ocean when seeing this mermazing stone. It is also said that Roman fishermen used Aquamarine gemstones as protection for sea-faring journeys to provide them with a FEARLESS spirit and loads of courage!!!

March Mermaid: Your beautiful birthstone is also considered to be the stone of happiness, as it opens the channels of clear and heartfelt communication.

And Aquas are also believed to enhance tranquillity, insight and wisdom, and these birthstone beauties also symbolise COURAGE.

Aquamarines can be traced all the way back to 500 BC, and Ancient Greeks and Romans believed Aquamarines originated from the TREASURE CHEST OF MERMAIDS.

Aquamarines are strongly attached to both the Throat and Heart Chakra to provide additional help against sore throat, throat condition, and inflammatory illnesses, as well as to enhance tranquility, insight, wisdom and help in speaking one’s deepest truth.

Mermaid, let the rejuvenating energies of the sea course through your veins when wearing this stunning stone and remember, this highly sought-after jewel is considered extremely valuable as it occurs less frequently in nature.

Warrior Queen: YOUR birthstone — the powerful and gorgeous Blue Topaz — is a gem that is said to soothe, heal and recharge!

Its name is derived from the Greek word ‘topazion’, which comes from the ancient Sanskrit word for fire, as your Blue Topaz comes in a variety of colours ranging from an autumn-leaf orange to a bright blue.

This stunning stone is also mentioned the Old Testament of the Bible and even Scientists believe Blue Topaz to have existed within the prehistoric world!


And, just to get you even MORE excited about the history of your special stone — Ancient Egyptians and Romans associated this gem with the sun god, giving it the power to protect and heal. Its energy is said to transcend both time and space, and it is one of the most beloved precious stones you can give yourself, a bestie, a sidekick or your special person.

Blue Topaz is also strongly attached to both the Throat and Third Eye Chakras to provide its wearer with the healing of a sore throat, speech impediments, and a hyperactive thyroid; as well as to aid in clear communication of your deepest feelings and to enhance meditation, psychic abilities, and communication of your deepest insights.

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