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Welcome to our Birthstones Blog Posts! {BIRTHSTONES}

Who wants to learn more about birthstones? Of course you do!

Certain gemstones are associated with particular months of the year and are considered “lucky” to those born in that month.




Some attribute the original of the idea of birthstone to the 12 jewelled breastplate worn by Aaron in ancient times.

Myths, supestitions and symbolic meanings around the stones gradually grew and attributes were eventually ascribed to the birthstones.

The first recorded event of wearing your “stone of the month” was in 18th centuary Poland where stones were worn to ward off illness. Only much later was the notion that there was a bond between the stone of the month and the person born in that month realised.

The (very) varied interpretations of which of the original 12 stones and substitutions by different races, cultures and countries over the centuries has resulted in numerous versions of which stones are assigned to each month.

See the below list to find out which ancient and modern birthstones have been paired together with which month, as well as what their symbolic meaning is:


Bold = Ancient stone / Italics = Modern stone & meaning

January – GarnetGarnet (constancy)

February – AmethystAmethyst (sincerity)

March – JasperBloodstone or Aquamarine (courage)

April – SappireDiamond (innocence) 

May – AgateEmerland (love/success)

June – EmeraldPearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite (health/longevity)

July – OnyxRuby (contentment)

August – CarnelianSardonyx, Peridot (married happiness)

September – ChrysoliteSapphire (clear thinking)

October – Aquamarine – Opal, Tourmaline (hope)

November – Topaz Topaz (fidelity)

December – RubyTurquoise, Lapis (prosperity)


Keep a lookout on our Facebook page, website/blog and Instagram as we will be releasing a blog post every month explaining which birthstones are allocated to each month – and we will also be showcasing some gorgeous jewellery to match each month!

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