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September Birthstones!

Were you born in September? Wondering which traits are associated with the month of your birth? Which stone you should go for when ordering a birthstone ring? Then keep on reading..

Peeps born in September are said to be the most level headed, open minded and reasonable of all the months. That being said, they also have a tendancy to over think and worry about small dilemmas and turn a mole hill into a mountain! You also have a passionate love for travelling the world and you are happiest when in a relationship!

When it comes to stones, you can go for either a Chrysolite (Ancient birthstone) or Sapphire (Modern birthstone). Sapphires are also said to bring about clear thinking to the wearer.

Here at Janine Binneman Jewellery we have the ability to incorporate Sapphires into almost any piece of jewellery. One of the most loved sapphire pieces is our Sapphire birthstone ring, perfect for anyone born in September!

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