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We OFFICIALLY own the Name Ring design!

Good morning ladies and gents, hopefully you are all having a fabulous Tuesday!
Today’s post is a bit of a story-telling session, in fact, today we are telling OUR story…


A few years ago Janine Binneman decided to design a way for people to tell THEIR story through her greatest passion; jewellery.
She created the Name Rings and the rest of the Stacking Ring collection; a way for you to wear your loved one’s name, the birthstone of your lover, or just some stunning rings that caught your eye.

Original ring stack
Original ring stack

After years of being the best sellers of the exquisite rings, we did gain a few copy cats a long the way (imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?) but now we are proud to say that we have legally gained our rightful ownership as the OFFICIAL owners of the Name Ring design and no other retailer or designers will be allowed to market them any longer.


Another original idea we have just recently started marketing is our Kid’s Drawing Jewellery. The sterling silver necklaces were a huge hit over Mother’s Day, and with Father’s Day approaching, we came up with a Dog Tag version for all the daddies. See some samples below!

Monique OKelley Original-horz
Monique OKelley Original2-horz



Thanks for stopping by! And please feel free to mail us any queries. You can contact us on OR

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  1. Love the Fathers Day gift idea! Like to know, how do I go about ordering a pendent and price! Do I mail you my drawing! How long does delivery take to Pretoria. Thanks Evette

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