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What does it mean when we say we make handmade jewellery?

What does it mean when we say we make handmade jewellery?

The personal attention and love we infuse into our jewellery is more of an investment than the mass-produced counterparts.

It is literally what we say it is; handmade, made by the hands of our goldsmiths in our studio. There will always be a slight difference in every handmade piece, giving every piece its unique beauty. Which is something truly special.

Every piece of our jewellery we solder, carve, shape and engrave ourselves by hand.

Our handmade pieces take and incredible amount of time to make and we put a lot of energy into each piece.

The design process is a very intimate relationship with every piece we make, we know every curve and line put into our pieces with intention.

We also know exactly the value and quality of the materials we use when making our jewellery, only using highly reputable suppliers. That is why our jewellery is of a higher quality than mass produced pieces.

Buying local helps reduce your carbon footprint and supports local artisans. Artisans truly put their heart and soul into each piece of jewellery, you are buying a truly one of a kind treasure. You are helping support us do what we really love, and for us to make our clients happy.

Next time you purchase a piece of Handmade jewellery remember you are supporting a bigger picture. You should feel good knowing your purchase will add value to your jewellery collection.

“Each piece of handmade jewellery tells its own story.”

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