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Our “As you Wish” pendants are a fabulous addition for any occasion or gift.

March babies you have the Aquamarine, named after the Latin word, aqua marina, meaning “sea water”.

Aquamarine, is a transparent variety of beryl that comes in blue, blue-green or green in colour.

Known as the “serene one” it is said to calm the nerves and reduce fluid retention, enhancing clarity of the mind and aiding creative self-expression. It helps people who are overloaded with responsibility to restore order. It is used in the treatment of eyesight problems, swollen glands, liver trouble and toothache. Also symbolizing courage.



Click on the link to order one directly online here.

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  1. I recently had to sell my diamond and ranzabite ring to pay towards my second stem cell transplant. O have terminal multiple myeloma but have licked it’s butt for 11 years off an 8 month prognosis. It will not get the better of me.
    So I’m looking for a silver ring with something appropriate to replace it. My fingers are swollen from steroids so I require a man’s size.
    Something silver with a small amaythist set into it flush.
    Could you please give a rough idea of price Please? And could the ring be fairly substantial to wear on my ring finger?
    Thank you most sincerely

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