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How I Design a Diamond Ring, from Start to Finish

Many of my clients ask me how I come up with my gorgeous, creative, personal designs (who’s biased, right?), especially my diamond rings.

The best way for me to do this is to unpack the methodology behind a recent design I did for my client.

Being a good designer means that I’m great at interpreting each client’s brief.

I love the mutual design process with my clients, where we sit with an idea and go back and forth over it, until the client is completely happy.

So, today I welcome you into my studio to give you a glimpse into the inner workings of my mind. At least, the jewellery design portion of my mind. :)

1.     Inspiration

This design was steered by the client.

She wanted a ring that could be worn in various ways and wanted to incorporate four diamond baguettes that she received as a gift from her husband (lucky girl).

All my inspiration comes for visual references; I am very sensitive to visual stimulus and can be inspired by something that I saw 10 years ago!

I must say, travel is definitely one on my biggest treasures! Getting ideas from other cultures and what they perceive as beauty really gets my creative juices going.

[mk_image_slideshow images=”6725,6724,6723,6722″ image_width=”500″ image_height=”350″ effect=”fade” animation_speed=”500″ slideshow_speed=”7000″ pause_on_hover=”false” smooth_height=”true” direction_nav=”true”]

And, of course, my girls constantly inspire me. Stellar decided a few years ago we needed to make a snowflake range. We went through this whole process together, from choosing materials, to drawing together and swapping ideas. It was amazing.

It’s still one of my favourite collections.

2.     Brainstorming

diamond ringAs it happened, we were working with our ever popular stack rings, and BOOM! Storm in the brain!

I started playing with the idea of making stacking diamond rings in 18ct white gold that she could wear individually or make a real impression with wearing all 12 rings together.


3.     Sourcing Diamonds and Gems

diamond ringMy client also wanted to add in something slightly different to the design.

On my previous gem hunt to India I found amazing Rose Cut. Rose Cut are naturally coloured diamonds. Mix it all together and you get something really striking.

Finding the right stones for my jewellery is a challenge I really enjoy, especially when gem hunting takes me to the exotic and intoxicating gem fields of Bangkok and India.

That’s why I love my job – it’s so multi-faceted (see what I did there? Like a diamond, right?)

If I had a bumper sticker on my car it would say, “Have bags, will travel!” Oh, and “Crazy blonde driver ahead. Look out!”

4.     From Drawing Board to Diamond Rings


diamond ringFrom here I drew various options of stack rings and showed them to my client. She loved them, so from drawing board, we started turning raw materials into beautiful diamond rings.

In general, depending on the complexity of the design, a piece can take about three weeks from start to finish.



So there you have it!


Commission based pieces are always about the client, their needs and lifestyle.

Contact me if you need something special designed just for you.


Love, Janine.

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