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Heirs & Graces

Whoo hooo… we have been dying to launch our new range for AGES! But first, it needed to travel around the world with Janine before we released it. We now give you our new range; HEIRS & GRACES


Heirs & Graces


Janine Binneman, known for her innovative and out-of-the-box ideas, has yet again outdone herself. JBJD is delighted to introduce their new signet ring range ‘Heirs & Graces’. The best part? You don’t need a family crest to own one of these rings!


Not many families have an official family crest from centuries ago and many who do are yet to discover what the crest even represents or how it came about. Janine has revolutionised this old trend and, through her beautifully hand-crafted designs, is bringing it back in fashion permanently.


You might be thinking “how could she design a family crest for me if she knows nothing about my family?”-the answer is simple: Janine loves a good chat and is well-known for her innate ability to get to know her clients on a personal basis as well as get them involved in the design process. Once she knows all about your family and all the different personalities, she designs something unique and suited just to your family.


Heirs & Graces


The idea came to Janine when she thought it would be special for her family to have their own coat of arms which highlights each family member’s individuality as well as their strength as a family unit.


“Each symbol on my family’s signet has a special representation. The depiction for Stellar (my eldest daughter), who lights up our lives, is a star and I chose a holly leaf to represent my youngest, Holly, who brings joy to all she encounters. The ace symbol represents my wonderful husband, Jason aka ‘Jase the Ace’ as he has the trump card to my heart. As for me, the queen of the household, the crown seemed fitting.”


Alis Volat Popriis”, our family slogan, means to fly with our own wings, a saying that we love and strive to live by every day,” says Janine.


This is an item to be cherished for life and makes for a beautiful gift on momentous occasions so one can always remember where they came from and those closest to them.


Heirs & Graces


Prices start at R5,000 depending on the metals and ring sizes


Contact us for a quote on 082 468 3201 or


Twitter: @JanineJewellery

Instagram: @janinebinnemanjewellerydesign



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