Care Instructions

Congrats on finally owning a stunning piece of Janine Binneman Jewellery, you lucky fish!

Once you have received your parcel, please open it and remove your items with care.

Our jewellery is made from sterling silver, gold plated sterling silver, 9ct & 18ct gold and platinum. Sterling silver in South Africa is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper alloy - each refinery has their own recipe as long as the percentages are constant.

Metals naturally develop a surface patina or oxidation over time, caused by oxygen, perfumes and skin acidity. Some people also naturally have more acidic skin than others, and therefore the oxidation can occur at a more rapid pace. You may turn one ring black and not another silver piece - this is where the silver recipe comes in and a different metal alloy was used.

Silver jewellery will also develop a patina if it is not worn regularly which may cause them to turn dark or blackish over time. This is totally natural and can easily be removed by using our little blue polishing cloth that we have included in your parcel, it works like a charm.

If your gemstones are looking dull - use an old toothbrush, luke warm water and a small dollop of Handy Andy cream to clean behind the gem-stones - this is from the daily accumulation of dirt, cream and dead skin cells. Once cleaned, rinse thoroughly with clean running water and dry.​

Gold plating on jewellery items is not permanent, as it is a thin layer of metal coating the sterling silver. It does naturally wear off over time, depending on how often the piece is worn and can also be affected by chemicals such as chlorine, detergents and general day to day wear.

Also, don't put gemstone rings next to each other. Your rings should be kept separately (and individually) because they scratch each other due to each stone having a different hardness.

Please NEVER use any cleaners near pearls, opals and emeralds. Please also DO NOT use Handy Andy on these precious beauties.

Plating can also be affected by skin acidity - shortening the life span of the coating. The piece will then go back to looking silver and can be replated anytime.

Please be careful when using the cleaning cloth not to rub on plated jewellery as you will take the plating off your jewellery item.

I hope you love wearing your new piece as much as we loved creating it!

Tag us @janinebinnemanjewellerydesign so we can see you strut our bling in style… and who knows, we might even feature you!

Salty sea kisses from your favourite mermaid in blue,