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Accept & Let Go – the story of our creation

Over the last few weeks we have received an astounding response to our ‘Semi Colon and Dandelion’ necklace which a client had us custom design for her. She decided to post a picture of her stunning piece and we received a response like never before!


First we created our semi colon necklace – which is only silver and chain – that has a semi colon cut out – but that simple piece speaks volumes. The semi colon is a symbol of not giving up and ending your metaphorical “sentence” when you could have. It is our personal salute to the millions of people who struggle with their own depression, suicide, self-harm and anxiety on a daily basis.


We decided to turn this strong statement into a jewellery piece as so many people were getting the semi-colon tattooed but others wanted to support the statement without having to leave a permanent mark.

Since posting the first image of our semi colon necklace, we have had requests from men and women, children and adults, wanting this piece in a ring, necklace, bracelet and so many other options. The style choices are endless and we LOVE when our customers put their own special twist onto a piece.

So when a special client of ours wanted to put her own spin onto it, we were thrilled. She decided on the semi colon as the center piece, with a Circle of Love encasing it. And then onto the Circle of Love she had the quote ‘My Story Isn’t Over’ stamped, along with one of our brand new stamps – a dandelion – floating.

The dandelion is yet another symbol which is close to our hearts. It is a symbol of letting go, perseverance, strength and, most importantly, recovering and coming back stronger than before.


The word itself is derived from the medieval Latin and french words ‘dens leonis’ and ‘dent-de-lion’ which basically translates into ‘lion’s tooth’ and was given to the flower because of the jagged shapes of it’s leaves.

From that word we like to take the dandelion symbolism as being able to let go of your issues, to always get back up, and to come back roaring.

“I am woman, listen to me roar!”

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